The interplay of modeling, analysis and computer simulation plays a fundamental role in the modern development of most science and engineering fields, and renders Computational and Applied Mathematics a key force in the development of Applied Sciences. The Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Crete over the course of its 10 years of existence has attracted a number of Greek applied mathematicians mostly from outside Greece, and is currently the main unit that centers its activity on modern applied mathematics in Greece.

The ACMAC project is funded by the FP7 programme of the European Commission and has as main objectives to strengthen the research profile of the Applied Mathematics Department, to enable its members to enhance their contacts with major research centers in Europe and to reinforce the Department's research capability in areas where it has recognized expertise. The project encompasses a set of measures organized around a Center, named Archimedes Center for Modeling, Analysis and Computation (ACMAC), aiming to promote academic excellence in Applied Mathematics and fostering the interface of modeling, analysis and computation.