The Archimedes Center for Modeling, Analysis and Computation (ACMAC) is an activity within the Department of Applied Mathematics of the University of Crete, funded by an EU grant under the FP7 Regional Potential Program. The research program is a joint effort of ACMAC members, consisting of the permanent members of the Department, affiliated members of other units of the University of Crete and the Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas (FO.R.T.H.), as well as Incoming Experienced Researchers that will be hired through the program.

The management of the Center is done by the following committees:

  • the Steering Committee, (SC), responsible for the implementation of the whole activity
  • the Scientific Advisory Board, (SAB), an external advisory committee consisting of prominent Applied Mathematicians, which will provide valuable input for the scientific program and activities of ACMAC
  • the Development Advisory Committee, (DAC), which in association with the Steering Committee will provide advice on the future development of the Center
  • the Training Enhancement Committee, (TEC), which will be responsible for the training activities of ACMAC

Other committees or individual ACMAC members are appointed by the SC for specific management tasks. In addition, Targeted Group committees will be formed for each research theme to monitor the research effort within the main research areas of the Center ACMAC.

Steering Committee

  • Athanasios Tzavaras, PI of the project
  • Markos Katsoulakis
  • Georgios Makrakis
  • Charalambos Makridakis
  • Chrysoula Tsogka

The Steering Committee is the managing group responsible for the overview and implementation of the Center.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board of ACMAC consists of:

  • Constantine M. Dafermos, Alumni-Alumnae University Professor, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University
  • Peter Markowich, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University
  • Felix Otto, Chair of Applied Mathematics and Director of Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, University of Bonn
  • George C. Papanicolaou, Robert Grimmett Professor in Mathematics, Mathematics Department, Stanford University
  • Benoît Perthame, Professor, University Pierre et Marie Curie and Senior Member Institut Universitaire de France
  • Alfio Quarteroni, Director of Modeling and Scientific Computing Institute MOX, Dipartimento di Matematica "F. Brioschi", Politecnico di Milano
  • Endre Süli, Professor of Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Institute, Oxford University